NDE Technologies, Inc. has been the leader in Non-Destructive Evaluation simulation software for over 12 years. Our company was founded in 1997 to commercialize XRSIM. The program was licensed from the Center for Non-Destructive Evaluation at Iowa State University Research Foundation. We have been involved in developing NDE simulation programs, including the x-ray simulation program, XRSIM. Our involvement in industrially applied NDE research gives unique experience in developing novel research goals to practical products suitable for industrial applications.

  Cost Effectively Optimize Your Procedures.
Try out our different setup’s to quickly discover the optimal one. Now you have the time to checkout all the alternatives without spending a fortune on tests.

  Our Programs Speed The Setup of Inspection Procedures.
XRSIM-Pro can save time and money in an inspection process by removing the need to develop film and prototype parts. With no actual film generated you can concentrate on critical specification parameters instead of dealing with stray development artifacts.

  Quickly Establish Minimum Detectible Flaw Sizes.
There is no need to waste money inspecting parts for defects that cannot be seen by your equipment. Without XRSIM-Pro you could spend hours on countless test setups and more time processing film to finally establish critical flaw parameters.

  Fast Realistic Radiographic Simulations.
Our programs provide impressive speeds on inexpensive desktop personal computers running Windows operating systems. Utilize our program’s benefits with a standard workstation.

NDE Technologies, Inc™ has been developing Non-Destructive Evaluation simulation software since 1997. From day one, we've understood that once a company uses our software, they're likely to keep using our product suite as long as we take good care of them.

NDE Technologies, Inc™ suite of non-destructive evaluation software programs is readily available worldwide, and is actively being used by companies in the US, Canada, Brazil, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, India, and South Korea. We also have an exclusive distributor in China, the Beijing Waiteksin Advanced Technology Company, LTD - to serve the Chinese marketplace.

US and Worldwide

For US and Global sales, please email us at: info@ndetechnologies.com, or call us +1.434.973.0299 between the 9:00 am and 6:00 pm USA EST. We look forward to speaking with you.

In China

For sales in China, please visit our website at
www.twindt.com.cn or call us at +86-1082336988. Please view our Chinese XRSIM Sales Sheet on the right for
further information.
We are here to assist you.

We offer a full line of premium radiographic simulation programs. Additional features, and expansion possibilities are offered in XRSIM-Pro and XRSIM-Pro/MeV. XRSIM-Edu uses the first principle physics engines of XRSIM to focus on the instruction of nondestructive evaluation concepts.


Our Radiographic products include XRSIM 3.0, XRSIM 5.0, XRSIM Pro, XRSIM Pro/MeV, and SIM CT. These are our most popular line of products.

  Eddy Current

Our Eddy Current product ECSIM makes a great addition to our  Radiographic products, and is used by manufacturers worldwide.

NDE Technologies Ultrasound product UTSIM, is perfect for producing volumes of image data quickly, easily and with a known accuracy. (this product will be available Q3 2009).


Why spend hours getting certified or re-certified, when
you can use our educational products XRSIM-EDU and XRSIM-EDU/DR.

Our basic XRSIM Overview
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XRSIM Lite and Pro Sales Sheet
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Simlet Screenshots of XRSIM
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XRSIM-Pro Sales Brochure
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XRSIM Sales Sheet (Chinese)
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XRSIM and SimCT Prices & Feature Comparison (PDF 60k)
XRSIM-EDU Educational Brochure
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ASNT Conference Presentation Assessing UT, EC and RT Image Processing (WMV 12mb [8 minutes] )

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